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We know people need specialized pedicure services outside of costly visits to podiatry clinics. At 1878, we are proud to offer our clients optimal service with personalized, affordable and routine care options by qualified, expertly trained professionals.

Before Specialized Pedicure Service

Specialized Pedicure Services are for clients that need care beyond basic nail trimming, cuticle care, and massage. Clients under our SPS plans will need routine maintenance and care to keep their feet healthy and pain free.  

After Specialized Pedicure Service 

SPS Plans are available for our client's convenience. We have monthly and bi-weekly service based plans for clients as well as individual service rates.

Plans for Monthly Services 

SPS 6- Only $68 per service (Reg. Price $85)

SPS 9-Only $59.50 per service (Reg. Price $85)

SPS 12-Only $51 per service (Reg. Price $85)

Specialized Pedicure Services: Bi-Weekly Plan

SPS 4- Only $56 per service (Reg. Price $70)

SPS 8-Only $49 per service (Reg. Price $70)

SPS 12-Only $42 per service (Reg. Price $70)